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Coach confirmation! KEYNE can play the first round of Mantai

  • 2021-11-24 20:26:39 |
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Recently, Hotbus Coach has accepted a media interview to play the first round of Manto city in the Zhong Nino interview.

August 15th, the first round of the new season, the super Tier league, and the first round of Thermal Saone, the house of Manchester City. Kane is a blue moon corps. So far, Ken has reported that the player has been separated, and the player is reported next to the pike room. .

In the interview, Zhong Nuo says:

"First of all, we will happen later, we want to solve all issues. This is not a return of Cairn (Cairn Returns), but something to solve this situation It must be, this is very important. "

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