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Meditation: AC Milan is close to Samandes, and Juventus Roman Arsenal is also very interested

  • 2021-11-24 20:26:34 |
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According to the "Milan Sports" report, AC Milan is now close to Samants, Juventus, Rome, and Arsenal 3 families. Also, you are also very interested in players.

According to the report, Arsenal was trying to introduce this summer summer, but the transfer fee for Yume's 35 million euros was scary. Then Juventus and Rome are added to competition, and Roman coach Mourinio believes that Samsens can solve the team's lumbar problem in Portugal compatible groups.

Somersur and reel contracts will expire in 2023, and Milan is the closest to the top of the European golden boy, considering good relationships between Milan and reel. However, 5.5 million European sansens can be a major obstacle to participate.

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