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CUMMAN: When using center tactics, Luke Delum is threatened more than NEMAAR

  • 2021-11-23 20:21:18 |
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On September 10 Barcelona COACH Kardman received an interview. When he played a center tactics, Luke Derma was threatened more than NEMAAR.

Cumman: "When the team kicks the strike, Lucdell is threatened more than NEMAAR. In the front style of Luke and our team, I think each team should have such a striker. I Last year I need to sign the center. I hope that there are several changes in the previous position. If the game needs Luke like a striker, he will play. "

"I lost Glezman on the last day of the transfer window, and we are playing three attacks now. I and Luke's first contact is on August 8th. I often I want Barcala. "

Luke-Delong, Play Play, Play Saman.

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