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Pierre: B is a very powerful, Manchester City War Paris 5 days

  • 2021-11-23 20:21:13 |
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On September 27, Manchester City will challenge Paris Jerman in Champions League Council. They destroyed the opponent's season in the last round of Yingzhao League 1-0 Xiaosheng Chersi. A few days ago, French football plan mud is in the guest "Canal Cut Ball Club", with the opportunity to win the Games between Manchester City and Paris, and the combination of Bernardo-Silva and Rodrid is very powerful.

PI Lei said: "Manchen and Paris are in this game. Course, Manchester City has strong strength. They played the power of the group. They are in the best state and they are It was always a top level. I have a combination of Bernardo-Elba and Rodrid, so Manchester City has the opportunity to win the game again. "

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